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Bible Studies

The Bible studies and document files listed below may be download and copied; however, I do ask that you be honorable (a true Christian) and give this ministry proper credit. For those of you who are pretending to be a follower of Christ for financial gain; I say to you before God my Father in heaven and His Christ Jesus and all those in the heavenly realm above that you do not distribute, I say again, you cannot distribute this information for financial gain or for extortion of "tithes and offerings" from those seeking Christ Jesus  and a more fuller understanding of the word of God. I call upon my God and Father in heaven and His Christ that you are repaid for all of your deceitful and evil deeds. I pray that my Lord Jesus Christ stop you from profiting from the word of God; and refusing to preach the word free of charge to those who are seeking salvation by the gospel of Christ. Amen. Praise God. 

Bible Study Galatians 6                                                          Thank God For The Bible

Want Some Interesting Points about the Bible? When were the Books of the Bible written?

Wisdom from God Part I & II                                                                       Bible Study John 7

Moses the Man - Made Excuses to God Part I                                    Malachi 3 Explained













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