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Like-Minded Followers of Christ Jesus

In the past, I have received several requests from readers of my website(s) wanting to know about other like-minded congregations. I have received permission from the below listed groups or congregations to list them. If you wish to have your congregation or group listed please send me an email stating this and I will list it.

Below are other like-minded followers of Christ Jesus who teach the same and similar teachings this ministry teach about concerning tithing. Please beware this ministry DO NOT endorse any ministry listed below.

This Ministry DO NOT ENDORSE any specific group or congregation listed below nor do this Ministry endorse and specific teachings of these groups or congregations listed below - Only that these groups or congregations listed below have indicated to this Ministry that they Confess that the Holy Scriptures DO NOT Teach Tithing Under the New Covenant.


Elder Alvin Williams   

New Covenant Community Outreach Church

3551 County Road 112

Brownwood, TX 76801

Email: Luewill@MSN.Com



Evangelist Tyrone Palmer

Vizionary Ministries, Inc.

Park City, IL 60085

Email: VizionMinistries@Yahoo.Com





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