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Ministries & Services

The Kush Edifying Ministries provides a Radio Ministry, Marriage Ministry, Baptisms and Funerals, Prayer Ministry, and Bible Studies on-site. You can get answers to all your Bible questions, and especially those your Minister will not answer or to answer your question to your satisfaction. As I always say, if your Minister do not open their teachings to your questions; then I say beware of this minister's teachings.



My Marriage Ministry is used to help support my Radio, Bible studies, and other good works my God and Savior Christ Jesus count me worthy to do in His name. Wedding ceremonies are performed anywhere and anyplace of your choosing (home, office, park, etc). Please call for your free wedding ceremony consultation. Short notices no problem - just call or email now.



Baptisms and funerals are performed without cost by this ministry (Acts 2:38). Call or email today.


The House of God is to be a praying Church (Mark 11:17). In making with this truth, I call upon you to pray for my efforts; and if you have any prayer requests for you or your love ones or others who need intercession prayer. Call or email me today.


Bible studies performed anywhere and anyplace of your choosing - call or email me today. In-home studies no problem, no cost to you or anyone else who are seeking the word of God. I preach the gospel of Christ free of charge. I only accept offerings given willingly and without pressure (Jude 1:11 and 2 Corinthians 2:17).


Do you have any Bible questions to help you understand the Holy Scriptures. Are there two churches on this planet?  Have Satan deceived the leaders of this world? Are there false Christians and Ministers in the churches of this world? (2 Tim. 2:15). 




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