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Radio and Newsletter Messages - Kush Edifying Ministries

Img17.jpgBelow are some of the Kush Edifying Ministries text and oral messages of its Radio Ministry. If you are in the Baltimore / Glen Burnie, Maryland area, then please tune in to AM dial 1590 on the 3rd Saturday of each month at 3:30PM and listen to a program proclaiming the whole counsel of God.


Radio and Newsletter Messages in Text Format:

Fear and Prayer Oct 2003                            Xmas Message 2003

Easter and Its Myths                                    Kwanzaa Message 2003/2004

Xmas and Its Myths                                     Riots in Ephesus - 1st 2008

Testing of Your Faith - Develops Perseverance 


Radio Messages in Audio Format:


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Part I - Trials of Esther 6-21-2008                      Part II - Trials of Esther 7-19-2008


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